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Balloon Arch Rentals in Chicago

Our company creates custom balloon arches for parties, corporate events, and special celebrations in Chicagoland. We aim to be your #1 choice for professional balloon decoration in the Windy City.

Party planning and event hosting are difficult enough without having to blow up 200-300 balloons all by yourself! Even if you have an electric pump, it can be exhausting. Leave the hard part to us! Balloons decorations are our specialty, and we will be happy to take the design, set up, and tear-down off of your plate.

Give us a call today at 312-667-2913 to have a custom balloon display designed for your event. We look forward to hearing from you.

A balloon arch that looks like a rainbow in Chicago
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A balloon arch made of white balloons sitting in front of a white background in Chicago

What Is a Balloon Arch?
(and Why Are They So Popular?)

As a general rule, a balloon arch is a curved pole lined with decorative balloons. It is thoughtfully positioned in order to draw attention to a doorway, dance floor, hallway, or any other important location. Party decorators typically utilize colored balloons that complement a party’s theme.

Today, arches are commonly set up at weddings, birthday parties, quinceaƱeras, mitzvah celebrations, proms, and other parties. They are even starting to be used as part of the decor at corporate events, school functions, and business grand openings.

Whether your event is more relaxed, more formal, or a complete blow-out celebration, we can design a fitting arch that is perfect for the situation. Give us a call today and let’s talk about your event.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Balloon Arch?

In general, a balloon arch should draw attention to something important, like an entryway or the center of a stage. A properly positioned arch will draw the guests attention and give them something beautiful to look at while they pass by, or as they walk through the arch.

Here are a few locations where we like to set up balloon arches according to the occasion:

Birthday Parties

At birthday parties, we love to place arches around an entryway or behind a cake table. You can also position a well-designed arch up against a wall to use as a backdrop for photos.

Proms and Dances

Proms and special dances call for an elegant balloon arch at the entrance. This gives guests something fun to walk through as they enter. You can also use an arch to frame the entrance to a hallway, or as a photo backdrop against the wall.

Corporate Events

Depending on the purpose of the corporate event, an arch can look stunning against the wall as a photo-op spot for co-workers, leading to center stage of a music or speaking venue, or used to frame the cake or dessert table.

An indoor balloon arch for an elegant party in Chicago, Illinois

Pairing Arches with Other Decorations

Of course, an arch doesn’t need to be the only balloon decoration at your event. We can also design columns and balloon backdrops to match your event’s custom balloon arch.

Give us a call today at 312-667-2913. Our local Chicago artists would love to hear what you have in mind for your event.

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