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Professional Balloon Decorations in Chicago, Illinois

Balloon Columns (Indoor and Outdoor) in Chicago, IL

If you are looking for a customized vertical balloon column for your next event, we have got you covered. At Chicago Balloon Arch & Party Decorators, we design unique balloon displays for parties and private events in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

We would be honored to handle the balloon decorations at your upcoming event. Give us a call today at 312-667-2913 to speak with us.

Blue and white indoor balloon column decorations in Chicago
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What Is a Balloon Column?

As a general rule, a balloon column is an arrangement of colorful balloons set around a straight, thin pole that reaches about 5-8 feet tall. Columns are usually topped off with a decorative latex or foil balloon that goes with the party’s theme. These are also known as balloon towers or pillars.

Various balloon column decorations in Chicago

Typical Pricing Structure

When using a professional balloon decoration service, the typical price for a vertical column display in Chicago is usually around $10-20 per linear foot. Price is usually calculated by linear foot because it is a good gauge of how much work is needed in order to create the balloon display.

When you work with us, we will take into consideration the total number of displays that you will need for your event, as well as the set up and clean up services that will be required before deciding on a final price.

Call us today at 312-677-2913 to tell us what you are currently planning. We would love to speak with you.

What Type of Balloon Goes on Top of a Balloon Column?

Balloon columns typically have one special, decorative balloon that sits on top of the rest of the display. This top balloon usually stands out by featuring some text, having a different color, or being an entirely different type of balloon.

If a column is made up latex balloons in different shades of blue, we might suggest a yellow foil balloon on top to make it stand out. For a birthday party, if two columns are made up of latex black and gold balloons, we might suggest a topping the columns with gold foil balloons that show the age of the person’s special birthday. There’s really no limit to how creative we can be with the topper, we just want the balloon to┬ástand out from the rest and draw attention to the display.

Where to Place a Balloon Column Display

If you are unsure where one of these balloon displays would be set up at your party of event, allow us to offer some suggestions from experience:

Birthday Parties

Arrange two columns of balloons in two different corners of your dining room or kitchen. These two displays can frame the room really well and make the cake table or gift table pop. You can also place two columns side by side, especially to spell out a word or a number with the decorative balloons on top (i.e. 3-1 for someone’s 31’s birthday).

Baby Showers

We can arrange balloon columns on each end of the cake table or the gift table to draw guests’ attention.

Outdoor Events

Use columns to draw guests’ attention to a specific area of your venue. Two columns surrounding a corner garden, or two columns surrounding a table are both great options. Columns will serve as bookends framing whatever you place them around.

Why Work with Us

We are a dedicated team of artists who are extremely passionate about balloon decorating. We would be honored to be a part of your next celebration by crafting a unique balloon display just for the occasion. Give us a call today to connect with us and we can brainstorm the best balloons for you.

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